Gastric Bypass Surgery

My weight loss journey after Gastric Bypass surgery.

Friday, August 25, 2006

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery - Weighing The Risks of Obesity Weight Loss Surgery
By S.A. Smith


Gastric bypass surgery has become a popular surgical procedure in the last 5 years as a radical option for clinically obese patients to manage weight loss. During this time several notable celebrities have undergone this procedure such as Carnie Wilson, Al Roker, … and ….. With their physical transformation being televised to the world has contributed to the rising mainstream interest in this surgical weigh loss procedure.


Gastric bypass surgery works by restricting either the size of a stomach or reducing nutrient absorption in the digestive tract. The basic objective is to alter the size of stomach, so the patient feels full after eating of a small amount of food or liquid. With a notable decrease in food intake, the patient loses weight until the calories eaten can keep up at a steady weight.


There is no doubt about it that undergoing gastric bypass surgery carries significant surgical risks, along with risks of post-operative complications and a required lifetime modification of diet. Surgical complications may include:
- infection
- ulcer
- Incisional Hernia
- Stomal Stenosis
- Gallstones
- Blood clots in the lungs
- Death


Although gastric bypass surgery can provide significant weight loss, the effects of the surgery on your lifestyle can also be profound an may include:

- dumping syndrome
- lactose intolerance
- decreased vitamin absorbsion and need for supplementation
- significant diet restrictions and modifications
- anemia
- osteoporosis
- need for lifelong medical follow up
- thinning hair
- psychological changes
- need for cosmetic surgery


Doing nothing can sometimes be a greater risk so it is important for people considering gastric bypass surgery to understand obesity health risks which can include:

- hypertension
- heart problems
- Type II Diabetes
- Gall bladder disease
- Gout
- Sleep Apnea
- Various forms of cancer
- Heartburn
- Athsma
- Incontinence
- Poor quality of life
- Emotional / psychological / sociological issues
- Death


The risks of some obesity related diseases may diminish over time after undergoing weight loss surgery. Studies have shown that some patients have experienced:

- Decreased overall mortality risk and health risks
- improvement in hyperlipidemia,
- improvement in hypertension,
- elimination of obstructive sleep apnea
- improved cardiovascular


The decision to undergo weight loss surgery will depend on each individual’s unique circumstances and weighting the risks of continued obesity versus the surgical risks of the procedure. No decision should be made without in-depth consultation with your medical health providers and bariatric surgeon specialists.

Gastric bypass surgery should always be considered an option of last resort for morbidy obesity after undergoing traditional diet and exercise regimes.

About the Author

S.A. Smith is a freelance writer, contributor, and editor of the Gastric bypass risks information portal.

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