Gastric Bypass Surgery

My weight loss journey after Gastric Bypass surgery.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

100 Pounds Lost!

Okay I FINALLY did it! I passed the 100 pound lost mark, hurray! It took me 7 ½ months to lose 100 pounds total which is great, but it took me three weeks to lose the last 2 pounds. Boy did those two pounds get on my nerves! I swear someone was playing a joke on me or my digital scale had frozen or something.

I am posting a picture of me in my very first two piece bathing suit ever! I recently went on a weekend getaway and needed a new bathing suit because my old one was falling off from all the weight I lost. Before losing 100 pounds from my gastric bypass weight loss surgery, I would never have considered of wearing this but now I think I look GREAT!