Gastric Bypass Surgery

My weight loss journey after Gastric Bypass surgery.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dumping After Gastric Bypass Surgery

My weight loss has slowed to a pound or two a week and I know that is a good pace to be losing weight weekly but it takes getting use to losing weight at a normal pace again. I now weigh 200 pounds, that’s 105 pounds lost since my gastric bypass surgery on January 18th of this year.

I want to tell you about getting dumping after your gastric bypass surgery but first let me explain what dumping is. After gastric bypass surgery your body can not process fat and sugar the same and if you overload your body with either (or both) your stomach will begin to cramp until your body “dumps” the excess by diarrhea, vomiting or both. The hard part is everyone is different and you do not know how much is too much until you get sick at least once.

I made it the first 7 months without any dumping syndrome but did have one bad and three small episodes since then. I have come to the conclusion, from my couple of “dumping” episodes, that I can tolerate sugar more than I can tolerate fat since my weight loss surgery. I still get sugar/fat free or reduced on anything I can and never have a problem eating food from home. The problem is always while eating out and bringing packaged or take-out food home. I cook a lot of my own meals using low fat ingredients and the package food I buy is also low fat, so I sometimes when something sounds so delicious on the menu I don’t think to consider the fact that most restaurants don’t hold back on the fat. Well, like they say, I learned my lesson the hard way but I wanted to share it so that maybe it will help you!